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Green Tea Essence

Green Tea Essence

Our Green Tea Essence is made from natural green tea leaves by implementing a highly proprietary biotechnology process to a final purity of 99.6%. Each capsule of Green Tea Essence contains high proportions of catechin EGCg, exceeding 86%.
Our products are 100% natural, chemical-free  and developed by CGB, a global corporation with 45 years of experience and comprised of 5 hospitals, 2 medical universities and multiple philanthropic entities.

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Before there was biotechnology...
More info on CGB...
CGB (Chang Gung Biotechnology Corp, Taiwan) produces all the products offered on Zengia.com. The following summarizes CGB's history and work in other health related industries.

Chang Gung Memorial Hospital was founded in 1976. At that time, Taiwan had a serious shortage of medical facilities. There were only 17 medical beds for every 10,000 persons, at a time when 40 beds per 10,000 people were the norm in a modernized nation. To address the problem, we built five branches throughout the island. At present, Chang Gung treats 35,000 outpatients daily and has 7,500 beds available for inpatients. It is one of the largest and best equipped general hospitals in Asia.

To provide children with more professional medical care, Chang Gung Hospital established major children's hospitals in Linkou and Kaohsiung in 1993 and 1994 respectively, with a total capacity of 1,100 inpatient beds. With the rapid increase in the number of the people over 65 years old, which now accounts for more than 7% of our population, and the need to take care of them, in early 2001 we established a rehabilitation center and nursing home at Linkou and are planning a retirement home to provide the aged with the most suitable care.

We have led the way among Taiwan's medical centers by establishing a branch devoted to Chinese medicine to make the most of China's ancient medical knowledge and integrate it with Western scientific methods and technology. We are working towards establishing a college of Chinese medicine at Chang Gung University.

In 2001, we set up a hospital in the Chiayi area, where there is a shortage of medical facilities, in the hope of extending medical care to more patients.

A special fund was set up to subsidize low-income patients. In 2001, our subsidy exceeded US$6.75 million. The hospital is also dedicated to the most advanced clinical and basic medical research. So far, significant progress has been made in genetic engineering, B-type hepatitis, organ transplants, Parkinson's, plastic microsurgery and cardiovascular diseases.

Chang Gung University was established in April 1987 as Chang Gung Medical College. The school expanded and changed its name to Chang Gung Medical and Engineering College and subsequently to Chang Gung University in August 1997. Throughout the years, we have invited specialists from Taiwan and abroad to join the faculty and have augmented out facilities to strengthen our teaching abilities and research. As the nation has developed and its medical, engineering and management needs have evolved, the university has forged ties with Chang Gung Memorial Hospital and Formosa Plastics Group over more than a decade to train a host of competent personnel.

Presently, the university has schools in medicine, engineering, and management with a total of 16 departments and 20 graduate study programs. Our faculty and students observe the school motto of "diligence, perseverance, frugality, and trustworthiness" and carry out the principle of "integrating theory and practice". Under the full support of the board of directors, the university is well funded and well staffed. With adequate and state-of-the-art facilities and a quiet and pleasant campus environment, Chang Gung University stands out in providing fine and high quality education.

Group Chairman Wang Yung-ching established the Chang Gung Institute of Nursing in 1988 to eliminate the shortage of well-trained nurses and to foster the highest quality nursing skills. The institute initially offered two-year and five-year clinical nursing courses. Subsequently it added two-year courses on child care and education and on information management. The institute currently has around 7,500 full-time students. Since 1995, the institute has offered free tuition to five-year nursing students from an aboriginal background. In 2002, the institute was restructured to raise the level of its occupational training as Chang Gung Institute of Technology and organized in three departments of nursing, childcare and education and information management.

Ming-Chi Institute of Technology was founded in 1963 as the Ming-Chi Technical College. Reorganized as an Institute of Technology in July 1999, the college has 6 "clus-ters" of departments: Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Management, Design and Construction. The institute also has a further education college and vocational training school to provide training to professionals and to aboriginal students. It is rated as one of the best technological institutes in Taiwan.

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