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Evening Primrose Oil

Evening Primrose Oil

EPO contains gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), an important precursor of the hormone-like prostaglandin E1 (PGE1), which plays active roles in regulating human physiological functions, especially in females.
Our products are 100% natural, chemical-free  and developed by CGB, a global corporation with 45 years of experience and comprised of 5 hospitals, 2 medical universities and multiple philanthropic entities.

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The Corporation
More info on CGB...
CGB (Chang Gung Biotechnology Corp, Taiwan) produces all the products offered on Zengia.com. The following is CGB's corporate strategy.

  • Chang Gung Biotechnology Corporation

  • Our Group seeks to promote and restore health and well-being through the use of a comprehensive range of products that represent the cutting edge of 21st century biomedical and nano-technology. We believe that the most effective way to achieve this is to combine the best practices from both Western and Eastern Medicines and Sciences. We make use of precious knowledge accumulated since ancient times enhanced by today’s technology. Thus applying the Ancients’ wisdom to today’s standards is our motto.

    To achieve our goal, we seek to go to the roots of the crisis created by our modern society. In health for instance, over 90% of all diseases are chronic in nature, and yet Modern Medicine addresses not the roots but the symptoms of such diseases. We emphasize on the other hand in a radical and wholistic body-mind-spirit restructuring in addressing the root cause of all health problems. This restructuring necessitates in a complete change in one’s life-style. Our products include health foods, natural cleaning agents, breath-training tools, full spectrum lightings, exercise tools, subtle energy enhancers, and a whole range of other innovative consumer products that use the latest material and nano-technologies, created to help change our existing life-styles. In addition to these, we also use all kinds of educational tools to reach out to the public at large.

    Central to our theme is the belief that we cannot be healthy unless our Mother Earth is healthy. This necessitates that we also get involved in a number of different sectors, as for instance, environmental cleanliness, alternative energy sourcing, alternative polymer constructs, soil conservation, organic farming, low-income housing, and children’s education. A whole range of innovative products and technologies have been created to address these various topics.

    To advocate for our cause, we utilize fully our Group strengths in research and development in the areas of nano-sciences and bio-fermentation, and we also work closely with a group of like-minded organizations and human talents around the world. We hope that our efforts in education and product innovation will contribute to the radical transformation of our collective body-mind so that we can leave the Earth a better place one day to our children and their children.

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